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Building a brighter future

Our shared vision, will and power to change for the better while relieving the human from unnecessary tasks is from where we start. While they are cosidered part of the future, automation by the use of robotics and artificial intelligence is some of the spaces we work on today. Our goal is a better tomorrow where the foundations of a new set of knowledge is being layed and extracted.


Laniakea focuses on the implementation of highly secured cloud-based solutions within social services. The aim is to empower government and privately held organizations in health and social care sector with quality.


Sweden’s new healthcare center, we believe in simple IT solutions that make health care more accessible and create greater patient interaction. All the while, optimizing health care management through advanced analytics.


Wedelivery cooperates with the largest distributors and manufacturers to provide a complete solution for businesses, schools, organizations, associations and parishes. The goal is to become the leading supplier of products for entrepreneurs.


Minfam is a national platform for managing clients within health care for both city councils and private actors. It simplifies the management of clients in a time-efficient manner in times of great need.


Helios Care Systems uses advanced analytics to build and develop medical decision systems based on all available sources of information to increase the efficiency of medical diagnosis and treatment – in real time.

544 Sports Management

Unearthing and managing sport talents. Providing an ethical and comprehensive service for athletes and professional football players.


iHealth is a world-leader in wireless medical-device development. Together with iHealth WBG are building a cutting-edge ecosystem of tomorrows connected devices to collect vitals from patients in realtime.


Aldebaran/SoftBank is a world-leading developer of Humanoid Robotics. Together with Aldebaran/Softbank, WBG is introducing Humanoid Robotics, based on artificial intelligence in the cloud, into Health Care.

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